LCP is getting a MAKEOVER!

The site has needed a makeover for a while now and I'll be working hard all this weekend to get it as polished and full of content as I can, including finishing the first five pages of Outcasts of Underside, adding a gallery and even this news blog so I can more easily tell you all what's going on!

I'll also note I've ditched the newsletter thing on the bottom of our pages as no one really uses newsletters anymore and Deviantart is really the best place to see what we're up to as Andrew and myself are the most active there.

Well I'll try to keep everyone posted here, I'll also see about using other platforms such as Twitter and our Facebook, but I think Andrew's mostly handling the Facebook page and I've never really used Twitter before, but I know I need to now. I'm also going to be looking into adding stuff to my own Youtube page and make better use of it than letting it just stagnate there, but that's at the bottom of my priorities.

Anyways, best wishes! Celestia Bless!

Mares just wanna have fun

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