Welcome to Little Party Comics! A website made showcasing the work of both LytletheLemur and WillDaBeard. Many of our comics are based on our "Roleplaying is Magic" games which we call, Equestrian Chronicles (which we make a podcast of now) where we take the characters and stories to make our own comic adventures. You can also see all the logs of our many games on Swift Study's Equestrian Chronicles Blog.


But we also have original comics such as Tokai and Outcasts of Underside (still in production) and are working to bring even more comics to our readers.


Be sure to come back as we're always adding new content and are working on improving the site all the time, we greatly appreciate all our readers! Equestria bless!


Equestrian Chronicles

Though our goal is to host a variety of comics in future, our foundation is based on our Equestrian Chronicles project. It started from humble beginnings as a Roleplaying is Magic campaign and now we love the characters and friends we've made along the way we make comics about them!


Join the adventures of the dashing but bumbling pegasus, Gimbal, the shy but lovable botanist, Nutmeg and even a pony loving diamond dog, Mutt! As well as many more colorful original characters.


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